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Thursday, 24 May 2018 09:37:15

Play the exclusive hanman in Tshivenda where you get to choose Tshivenda words


This is a free downloads gadget. It works by letting you search my database and retrieves websites addresses with relevant products. It's a sort of a mini download search engine although deep inside it's gigantic.


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Play one of the world most famous game online for free. The next major upgrades will enable hangman to have an online high score where player can compete against each other and the words list will be updated frequently.

Play Exclusive Hangman ya Tshivenda

Lwa u thoma vhathu vhano kona Tshivenda vha nga tamba hangman ya Tshivenda hune mutambi a tea u vumba ipfi la Tshivenda. Ndi mahala kha vha tambe zwino.


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